sub-Saharan African countries
Tunisian exports to sub-Saharan African countries reached 1404.5 Millions dinars (520 million USD) in 2021, an increase of 27.6% compared to 2020. Ivory Coast is Tunisia’s main customer with a 17% share of the total Tunisian exports to sub-Saharan Africa, followed by Senegal (11%), Cameroun (7%), and Guinea (6%). The major exported products are plaster, cement, margarine, tissue paper, and processed food.
The sector of service is also experiencing a high growth in the African continent, profiting from the know-how and effectiveness of Tunisian firms in various fields such as building and public works, health, information and communications technology, and education.
Tunisia’s membership in the African Continental Free Trade Area and in the COMESA is also of a major benefit that should allow Tunisian firms to have a better access to markets and to contribute even more to the development of intra-African trade.